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Marcus Trescothick MBE was born in Keynsham on Christmas Day 1975. His parents took him to their local cricket club for a look around when he was barely a week old, and ever since then, in one way or another, he has been involved with the game which became his career and in which he has excelled.


"I've never been someone who writes down targets, I always just want to be the best. I want to score the most runs. I want to score the most hundreds every season. I just know that I want to be No1. I still want to be the best."

"I don't work on adrenaline anymore. It's desire now. You understand there's not going to be 15,000 people watching you. But you reinvent the way you play. And through experience and desire and hard work you chase the same goal – to be the best."




Please see events page for details of our next Testimonial event which is our Ashton Gate Dinner with very special guests.


When I set off on my cricketing journey in the early 1990’s little did I realize that I would still be playing the first class game at the age of 42, but that’s how it has worked out and I have to say that I have loved every minute of my time with Somerset. There is nothing else I would rather have done.


To be awarded a Testimonial Year in 2018 is something that I feel truly honored and privileged to be given and even though this will be my 26th season, I feel just as excited about it as I did before I made my debut way back in 1993.


That was a never to be forgotten match against Lancashire, which against all odds we managed to win.


It’s hard for me to forget that game, not because it was my debut, but because Andy Caddick keeps on reminding me that he took 9 for 32, his career best, and was deprived of his 10-fer by Mushtaq Ahmed.


Over the time that I have been involved with Somerset we have experienced the highs of winning trophies in 2001 and 2005 and also winning promotion back to the top division in 2007.


In 2010 I was lucky enough to captain the side to within a whisker of winning the County Championship and in 2016 we were top until Middlesex took the title on the last day.


During my years a number of players and officials have come and gone, many of who have become friends and with whom I still keep in touch.


However one thing has remained constant throughout my years at the Cooper Associates County Ground and that is the loyal and unerring support that we receive from our fans.


Without a doubt our supporters are the best in England and in 2018 we will be doing our best to win some silverware and try to repay them in some small way for all the time they spend cheering us on through thick and thin.


Thank you Somerset County Cricket Club. I have loved every minute of the time I have spent representing you.


Marcus Trescothick

February 2018


It is a great honour to have been asked by Marcus to Chair his Testimonial year in 2018.  As a lifelong Somerset fan, Marcus’ whole career commitment and extraordinary contribution to our club, make him, in my view, unique in the modern era.  I would be surprised if there has been a Testimonial more deservingly awarded.

The career statistics speak for themselves of the impact he has had in helping Somerset win trophies, gain promotion and subsequently proudly maintain our position in the top Divisions.


I met Marcus personally for the first time, whilst he was raising money for the Children’s Hospice in the South West and it’s a side we see less often.  His willingness to share his struggles whilst an England player and resulting contribution to causes such as the PCA Benevolent Fund, are inspiring.  Both of these charities figure as beneficiaries of the proceeds which the Testimonial Year will raise.


We are adamant that the Testimonial Year is provided for the celebration and acknowledgement of Somerset members, fans, sponsors and followers, as well as Cricket fans more generally, who wish to acknowledge his contribution to the sport.  Many of you have watched, enjoyed and supported Marcus for some or all of his professional career, now stretching over 25 years.   We have tried to produce a varied itinerary, which I very much hope has something for everyone to enjoy.


Thank you sincerely in advance for your support, I look forward to seeing and speaking with many of you across the year.

Christopher Reah, Chairman



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